Sunday, July 16, 2017

Future Contribution from Xavier Scruggs (NC Dinos)

We were recently in touch with Xavier Scruggs of the NC Dinos. After sending him a message about what we are doing at Team Jokbal, he said that he is more than happy to help us out in any way possible. We had an opportunity to run him through the details of what we are looking to collect from players for the charity auction and he told me to just keep him posted on when we are able to make a trip out to see the Dinos again and he will be happy to hook us up with some of his stuff. With that being said, it looks like there will be another journey to Masan once everyone has finished off their summer travels. We are really looking forward to getting a chance to catch up with Xavier in person. While connecting with people via message is great, it's always great to catch up with them in person to be able to put names with faces, share a few stories, and show our appreciation to players such as him.

What more can I say about Xavier other than he is a great guy that cares about giving back to the communities in Korea. We there is one more thing that I can say, him and his wife Jessica are loving Korea and they have a pretty awesome Youtube Channel called "Humble Abroad." You can check it out here

Remember to check back often as we keep all of you updated on who we have been able to catch up with and what new items we have for the auction.


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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Contribution from Dustin Nippert & Bowden Jersey Update (Doosan Bears)

I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the Doosan Bears vs. KT Wiz game last night (July 5, 2017) and catch up with Michael Bowden for a few minutes before the start of the game. I was meeting him to get him to sign the jersey that he had previously given to us for the auction and to get a Jamsil Stadium print signed by some players for the auction. To my surprise, he came out to meet me with a signed Dustin Nippert jersey. He let me know that Dustin was more than happy to help out by contributing.

Signed Nippert Jersey

Dustin is well known within the community for helping out kids and he even provides tickets to groups of kids to come to the games once a month. A truly great and generous guy that does all that he can to help the community and the kids.

In addition to getting the signed Nippert jersey, I was able to talk a little more with him about what Team Jokbal is working to do and get him to sign his jersey. I was also able to get the print of Jamsil Stadium, done by my friend Andy, into his hands to get some players to sign it. I will be picking the print up from him at a later date. Once it is signed, I will also be posting about it.

Signed Bowden Jersey
Jamsil Stadium by artist Andy Brown

Players like Dustin and Michael are the reason that we can do what we are doing and we are honored to be able to work with such great guys! Thanks guys!

Check back often for more updates from Team Jokbal.


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Sunday, July 2, 2017

Future Contribution From Henry Sosa (LG Twins)

It was another great weekend for the Team Jokbal crew at Jamsil Stadium. We went to the Friday night game between the LG Twins and KIA Tigers, but unfortunately we were not able to meet or talk with any of the players that night because of our late arrival. However, on Saturday we made our way over to the stadium earlier in the day to start our Jokbal campaign by handing out some of our mission statements to players and it was a great success. We managed to get our mission statements into the hands of about 10 or 15 players that morning. We greeted them and gave them papers and they proceeded on their way toward the entrance while they read them.

However, the highlight of the day was getting a chance to speak with Henry Sosa for a few minutes upon his arrival to the stadium. We saw Sosa walking toward the player entrance with a couple of his friends and headed over toward him. Korean fans were also headed over toward him for autographs and photos so we just stood back while he signed and took photos with them. As soon as he was finished he headed over to have a chat with us and I must say it was great meeting him that day and he's a truly awesome guy! We gave him a paper and told him that we were working to collect jerseys and such from players to place in the kids charity auction at the end of the year and without hesitation he said that he would love to help us out and get some things for us. He also asked us if we needed help with getting tickets or anything that day, but we already had plans for that evening and were going to be unavailable for the game so he told us to just get in touch with him when we would be around and he would get some things for us.

Even though we were unable to see the game that day, it was a very successful day and we got to meet another great guy, Henry Sosa. The guys of the KBO, such as Sosa, are absolutely wonderful and it's great to be able to work with them. Without them helping us out, we would be unable to help raise money for the kids. Sosa and these other players are the true MVPs and we would like to send out a big THANK YOU to all of them!

As always, continue to check back often and we will keep everyone updated on what's going on with the Team Jokbal crew. If this is the first post you have read, you please check out the link to our original post about Team Jokbal's mission.


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Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Jokbal Jersey

Over the last week we have been discussing a jersey design to represent the Team Jokbal crew. While nothing is finalized, we do have one rough sketch of a simple design. Over the coming weeks we will work toward finalizing a color scheme and placing an order. While the one in the picture is black with green trim and pink lettering, it's very possible the final one will end up being pink with green trim and black lettering.

Team Jokbal Jersey Sketch
The plan is to make jerseys for each Team Jokbal member and to also make jerseys to present to some of the players that we have had the most interaction with. Some of these guys such as Michael Bowden, Jeff Manship, and Pat Dean have truly stepped up and helped us out and it would be the least we could do to offer them Team Jokbal jerseys in the future. Will also plan to make a couple of jerseys for our friends and supporters, Han Jae-kwon (Doosan cheermaster) and Kim Ju-il (KT cheermaster) for being great guys and allowing us to place the items in their charity auction.

While we would love to make and give jerseys to every player that has contributed items, it would be way too costly on our salaries to hook up everyone with some cool threads. However, their contributions are no less appreciated and we will be sure to get something done for them. Maybe even a Team Jokbal MVP jersey going to the player who's contribution fetches the most cash during the auction.

Check back often for more updates and to learn more about Team Jokbal's mission take a look at the first post.


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Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Jeff Manship Contribution

With our bags packed with clothes, signs, wigs, modified sombreros, and an inflatable shark (shout out to "The Shark" Roger Bernadina), Team Jokbal took to the road for a weekend trip to Masan Stadium to see the NC Dinos vs. KIA Tigers with a stop off at Jamsil for the Doosan Bears vs. Lotte Giants on Friday night. While most of us (3 members live in the mountainous countryside of Korea) have to take to the road pretty much every week to catch games, Jamsil is more or less our central location and where we spend most of our time. However, we like to sprinkle a bit of love and fun at other stadiums around Korea when schedules line up. Also, on the road is where we have had most of our success. We picked up the Michael Bowden jersey during a road series for the Doosan Bears at SK Happy Dream Park (Munhak Stadium) in Incheon.

It was an epic weekend of laughs, smiles, jokbal, charity, and baseball. I was able to have a bit of a chat on Friday night with Jeff Manship about collecting some signed items from him that Saturday in Masan. He told me to just let him know when we made it to the stadium and he would meet us during a break with some things. So after a great night of spreading the Team Jokbal message at Jamsil and a bit of sleep, we hit the train at 9 a.m. to make our way to Masan.

After arriving at Masan Stadium around 1 p.m. we messaged Jeff and got to work setting up for the day. Our setup involved getting our shark ready for Roger Bernadina and Jokballer Tony making repairs to his sombrero. Shortly after getting everything ready we headed over to the player entrance to meet Jeff and get in a few words with Roger Bernadina and Pat Dean upon the KIA bus arrival.

Around 1:30 Jeff was able to get a break and bring out some awesome stuff for us. He gave us a pair of his signed cleats, a signed ball, a Na Sung-bum signed bat, and a Kang Jin-sung signed bat. We also had a chance to get him to pose with a pack of jokbal.

Jeff With Jokbal

Manship Shoes & Ball, Kang Jin-sung Bat, Na Sung-bum Bat

We cannot say enough good things about Jeff. He is an awesome guy that cares and takes care of his fans. During our chat and item exchange we were able to see his interactions with some of kids. He is truly a class act and we are very happy to have been able to meet him for the first time a couple of weeks ago.

Shortly after Jeff headed back into the stadium the KIA bus arrived and we prepared to meet and great Roger with the shark and Pat with a pack of jokbal. Tony got a chance to get the shark signed by Bernadina so that we can place it in the auction and I had a minute or 2 with Dean to present him with a pack of jokbal and explain a bit more about items we are looking to collect from the players. Dean, also a top notch guy, said he would be sure to get some things together so that we could pick them up in the near future.
The Bernadina Signed Shark

After that we headed into the stadium to make a few pregame jokbal shouts and watch the warmups. During one of our shouts, KIA catcher, Kim Min-sik looked up at us and had a little laugh as we held up our signs and a pack of jokbal. We haven't been able to officially confirm, but we have a feeling that he may have eaten the pack of jokbal that we handed off to Pat.

The Jokbal Shout
In the end it was a great weekend and a great trip. Before closing, we would like send a big thanks to Jeff for the items and a big thanks to Na Sung-bum and Kang Jin-sung for the signed bats. Also, a big thanks goes out to Roger Bernadina and Pat Dean. You are all Team Jokballers in our book!

If you are curious about what we are trying to do, you can check out the link to our first post.


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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Future Contribution from Jeff Manship, Eric Hacker, and Xavier Scruggs (NC Dinos)

Just last weekend and by chance, we got a chance to catch up with Jeff Manship in person (first player we didn't reach via social media) at the Doosan vs. NC game at Jamsil. He was out making some passes along the warning track when he heard a bit of English up in the stands and stopped off to have a chat.

Jeff Manship stopping off for a chat
We talked a bit about where we are all from, our jobs, family, and our time in Korea. He tossed a ball up to us and we chatted a little more and he carried on with his run. A few minutes later he came back through and by that time we had our Team Jokbal signs out and proudly displayed and he stopped to ask us about what they meant. I was able to go down and give him a printed copy of our mission and he said it sounded great and he had worked with some other groups in the US before so he would be happy to help out and spread the word.

Running the Jokbal Campaign

On his final pass he stopped off to mention it to Eric Hacker and when he came back by a fellow Jokbal'er headed down to get him to sign the ball that he had tossed up so that we could put it in with the auction items. He let him know that that Eric was cool with the deal and that they would try to get some things together from their clubhouse in Masan. He also said that he would chat with Xavier Scruggs about it when he was around him next time.

Signed ball to add to the auction

It was really great getting a chance to talk with him and even better having him offer to help us out with some donations. For this, we at Team Jokbal would like to say, thank you very much for your kindness Mr. Manship. Guys like you, Mr. Hacker, and Mr. Scruggs are top notch and we couldn't do this without all of you! We wish all of you nothing but the best in this season and seasons to come and we are looking forward to catching up with you in Masan this weekend.

This post should pretty much get everything caught up with how things are progressing with player contributions. We will also keep people updated as items come in and with other news as it comes along.

If you missed it, here is a link to our first post about what Team Jokbal is working to do.


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Future Contribution from Pat Dean (KIA Tigers)

It all started with a photo taken in Japan during spring practice with the KIA Tigers. As soon as I saw that photo of Pat Dean wearing a Mario hat, I thought that he had to be a pretty cool guy.

Pat Dean in Japan with a Mario Hat
With time and once again working our way around social media, we were able to get our message out to Mr. Dean about collecting items to be auctioned for charity. I suspect our gift of a red wig to accompany his Mario hat also made an outstanding impression.

Postage Receipt from Delivery of Red Wig to Pat

My Red Wig Rocking #TeamJokbal

Team Jokbal'er Having a Chat with Pat

In the end Mr. Dean said that he would be more than happy to help out and send some stuff our way. As soon as we get some things I will be sure to come back with a post of the items to keep everyone updated.

From Team Jokbal, a huge thanks goes out to you Mr. Dean for your kindness to offer to help out! It's great guys like you that are making this possible!

If some of you are wondering more about Team Jokbal you can check out our first post explaining our mission.


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